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Facilitate your healing and reclaim your personal power with intuitive custom tarot readings.


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You don’t want to subscribe to someone else’s spiritual truth; you want to honor your own. It is your birthright to be liberated and connected in this lifetime, but you shouldn’t have to take this journey alone.



I offer custom readings which incorporate tarot, astrology, and archetypal psychology to deliver the messages you most need to hear. Are you searching for answers?


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Intention and purpose are everything. Together we can use introspection and self-reflection to unlock your unique personal destiny and forever change your life.

Heal the wounds that bind you

You don’t want to subscribe to someone else’s spiritual truth; you want to honor your own. It is your birthright to be liberated and connected in this lifetime, but you shouldn’t have to take this journey alone.

Divinely Guided

Honest, direct readings

Authenticity is central to my being.

Compassionate insight

I offer you my love and support.

Inspired, creative energy

Receive messages straight from the intuitive realm.

Practical, grounded advice

I help you find solutions you can put into action.


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Joaly is amazing. She gets right to the heart of your situation and she lays it down for you straight facts. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything,  but she is definitely there to help you heal and get out of your mess. If you’re ready to grow and move forward you need to book with the QUEEN.

Nikki L.

One of the most helpful and informative readings I've ever gotten! She was very thorough and interpreted the cards with nuance. Her reading accurately reflected what I've been going through and gave me much-needed advice. She doesn't coddle you and just tell you what you want to hear, she tells you what you NEED to hear!

Sholani C.

By far one of the most experienced cartomancers I’ve ever come across. She highly intuitive and very direct. There is no bullsh*t in her game. I’ve had the honor of having her as a guiding light in my own practice of the craft. I assure you every word that leaves her throat chakra has absolute purpose!

Bradley B.

Absolutely so grateful to have found this beautiful soul! This Queen's reading was filled with such eye opening knowledge that solidified I am on the right path! The accuracy brought me to tears & so much joy! I even got GOOSEBUMPS!!! I highly recommend anyone to get a reading from Queen! You will not be disappointed! The Universe does not lie! 🙏🏽👏🏾💯💜

Barbie S.

Joaly is a Tarot Goddess. She is so loving and truly cares for her clients. She will tell you the truth in the sweetest way, but with zero sugar coating. I love her authenticity. She has helped me tremendously & I highly recommend her services.

Tyra A.

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is dedicated to helping you discover clarity, reclaim your personal power, and embrace your true life path.

hello there

I'm Joaly Nicole


Using my claircognizant abilities in conjunction with my knowledge of astrology and archetypal psychology, I deliver honest, direct readings focused on introspection and self reflection. With my unique approach of combining birthchart readings with tarot I am a blazing my own trail. I emphasize self compassion and personal growth.



    Feel free to get in touch with me. I am always open to discussing how I can help you meet your spiritual needs and gain the clarity you deserve as you move forward on your path.

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